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Andrea Weeks, first officer - CRJ700/900


 Andrea Weeks began her career at ExpressJet as an intern in our pilot recruiting office. Now, six years later, she proudly serves as a first officer on our CRJ700 fleet.

 As an intern, Andrea learned about ExpressJet’s hiring process and what she needed to do to join the ranks of one of the world’s largest regional carriers.

 “Working as an intern taught me a lot – what I needed to improve on, the skills the company was looking for and how the hiring process works,” Andrea said. “I got to meet a lot of different people, attend career fairs, and watch pilots progress from applicants to team members.”

 Today, Andrea is based in Atlanta flying scheduled passenger flights across North America and the Caribbean. While she often flies to cities like Montreal and Minneapolis, her favorite destination is Madison, Wis., so she can visit her hometown.

 “When I’m up in the air flying, I’m always focused on the safety and comfort of our passengers, but I also love being able to take in the amazing views at 30,000 feet,” she said. “It reminds me how connected we all are in this world. Even the farthest destination is just a plane ride away.”

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