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Fabiano Vodopivec, flight attendant


Fabiano Vodopivec loves his job.

For the past decade, he’s been a flight attendant with ExpressJet Airlines. He begins his day with a smile that doesn’t leave his face until his last passenger deplanes (that is, if he ever stops smiling). As a flight attendant, his primary duty is to make the flight safe and enjoyable for our passengers.

“Each day offers a wonderful experience with our passengers,” Fabiano said. “A smile can make things better for anyone. A kind gesture can help a customer forget the stress of flying. A good disposition will make a passenger feel special.”

Fabiano is patient, understanding and empathetic, all important qualities in a flight attendant, but he also goes above and beyond to make flying not just a form of transportation, but a wonderful experience for his passengers.

One passenger writes, “I have never been on a flight where an attendant personally shook hands and thanked all passengers for flying on that flight, that airline. Flight attendant Fabiano is the gold standard for flight service. I have flown every major airline more than 20 flights per year, and there isn’t even a close second to him.”

Fabiano took it upon himself to help ease the experience for countless non-English speaking customers by becoming fluent in both Spanish and Italian, which he says has helped him tremendously by being able to communicate with those passengers.

“Customer service is what I like the most, and at ExpressJet I have a constant opportunity to give my passengers the best of me,” he said.

Fabiano proudly remembers his first day on the job: March 15, 2002. From the beginning, he says he has loved working for ExpressJet.

“The company is amazing with fabulous people to work with from management to crew members. I consider myself a lucky individual to be part of such an extraordinary group of people.”

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