Our leaders, pilots, recruiters and team members have been working exceptionally hard in 2016 to make ExpressJet an even better place to build your career. We’re only two months into the New Year and we’ve had so many good news announcements already that we want to make sure everyone is in-the-know on the latest happenings at ExpressJet.

Here’s an overview of everything going on:

ExpressJet Pilots Ratify Contract Extensions

  • First year pay rates at $37 (CRJ200/ERJ) and $40 (CRJ700/900)
  • Per diem increased to $1.85 on date of signing and $1.90 on date of signing + 18 months
  • $1.50/hr. increase for all pay rates
  • Profit sharing program that guarantees a minimum payout of $1,000 for 2016 and $1,500 for 2017 for eligible pilots

Path to United

  • ExpressJet signed an agreement with United to offer our United Express pilots a path to United Airlines
  • United has committed to hiring a dedicated percentage of their new pilots from the Career Pathway Program at ExpressJet
  • All ExpressJet pilots will also have the opportunity to apply through the normal channels and we expect our strong hiring relationship with United to continue into the future

Flysmartchoice.com Launch

  • Visit flysmartchoice.com to learn more about the ExpressJet story
  • Site highlights ExpressJet’s training, safety, quality of life, stability, family, career and new total compensation package
  • Regularly updated with blog posts, recruiting events and company news

Smart 16

  • ExpressJet wants to know what our pilot applicants value most in an airline
  • Visit tinyurl.com/smart16 and “vote” on each matchup to choose which company advantage is most important to you
  • ExpressJet’s pilot recruiting team will use the results to share more information relevant to the topics players are most interested in
  • Grand prizes include a GoPro and $100 Ray-Ban gift card (winners selected randomly from all submissions)

Aviation Career Development Presentation Series

  • ExpressJet is partnering with Delta, United and JetBlue to visit partner schools and present on a number of topics, beginning with Career Progression
  • Presentations have been held at Jacksonville University, the University of North Dakota and Middle Tennessee State University thus far – look for an event coming to your campus soon

Career Info Sessions

  • We’re traveling the country to offer you an interview preparation session, or if you’re ready to start your career, an on-site interview
  • Sessions include a mock interview, resume review and one-on-one Q&A with ExpressJet pilot recruiter
  • Check tinyurl.com/expressjet or our events calendar for the next visit to your city

Pilot Recruiting Events

ExpressJet is committed to exceeding all expectations for 2016, and redefining the regional airline industry. We take pride in raising the bar for our company and setting the industry standard.

If you’re ready to start your career, apply today at expressjet.com/apply.

Amazing People 1

People rarely get the opportunity to mesh their love for their heritage with a passion for their career, but when the opportunity does arise the results are often very rewarding. Houston-based First Officer Michael Cerrato-Yeomans and four other airline pilots recently took it into their hands to do just that. They came together to provide a platform for Latino pilots to celebrate their culture while nurturing their careers – launching the Latino Pilot Association (LPA).

Hispanic and Latino pilots currently account for 5 percent of airline transportation pilots, more than any other minority group, but those types of numbers can still lead to a lack of unity in the workplace. LPA was organized in an effort to address the workplace issues that directly affect minority groups like Hispanics and to help enhance networks where they can further develop individual careers within the aviation industry.

“As a pilot of Latin descent I have personally seen the disparities within the airline industry when it comes to welcoming those of other cultures,” said Michael Cerrato-Yeomans, Houston pilot recruiter.  “Discrimination within the workplace can definitely lead to lower morale and discourage people from actually becoming interested in pursuing a career in aviation.”

Not only is Michael the co-founder of LPA, but he is also a member of ExpressJet’s Houston Recruiting Team where he spends business hours supporting the company’s hiring efforts. However, Michael spends much of his free time working with the LPA team to ensure they are uniting and mentoring association members.

“I, along with my four LPA co-founders, wanted to be able to show other minorities that they are welcome in the airline industry and that they will be taken in to a close-knit group that understands their struggles,” he continued. “I am happy to know that I work for a company that values diversity and encourages others like me to proudly embrace who they are in the workplace.”

Michael’s passion for LPA is contagious and has definitely spread to other members of the Houston recruitment team, as many of them now actively support and forward the mission of the organization even though they are not official members.

Participation in the Latino Pilot Association provides members with several rewarding benefits, including:

Professional Development & Mentorship: Members have the opportunity to volunteer and mentor other LPA members. A program entitled REACH is currently being developed to help educate, guide and further mentor many of the LPA members who are high school and college students.

Education Resources: Members receive educational resources that help acclimate them to the aviation industry and provide steps for achieving fruitful careers.

Career Growth: LPA members are encouraged to network with other members in effort to forge long-term personal and professional relationships, which may lead to future career growth opportunities.

Cerrato-Yeomans and his colleagues followed their passion by starting LPA, and they encourage others to start or join their own organization that addresses their unique heritage or beliefs.  “Determine why you want to start your association, what benefits you can provide to members and how you can help others through the organization you are trying to start,” said Michael.

“Believe in yourself, your cause, and your core values. When you truly believe in what your association stands for, others who believe will follow and everything will fall into place,” he explained. “With that being said, your hard work will be needed to start the association. Just like a for profit organization, you will need to have many teams – Legal, Marketing, IT, Recruitment, Outreach, among others – and finding those who can help you will be the key to your success.”

The Latino Pilots Association is open to anyone with an interest in aviation.  The organization believes that everyone has the ability to give back and they welcome all pilots who want to be a part of forwarding that goal. For more information you can email him at michael.cerrato-yeomans@latinopilot.org or visit www.latinopilot.org.

07-17 ATL Open House-70

The cost of flight training is a concern for many aspiring pilots. The career is absolutely worth it, but the upfront cost can be a difficult hurdle. There are many options available to help you pay for flight training including scholarships, loans made specifically for pilots, financial aid and military benefits.


Many current ExpressJet pilots have used the aid of scholarships and grants to offset both their tuition and flight training costs. Applying for scholarships can be daunting, but persistence pays off. While you might not find a scholarship that covers your full expenses, every little bit helps your overall bill.

Start with your school
Look at your university first, as they often offer scholarships specifically for their students. Your school already has your FASFA results and transcripts, which makes applying easier. Many universities award students scholarships based on financial need and/or merit. Depending on the program you are enrolled in, your tuition and flight training are often two separate financial accounts. In this case your school might have general education scholarships and/or aviation specific scholarships. We compiled a list of some school-specific aviation scholarships here.

Aviation scholarships
There are hundreds of aviation scholarships available to aviators across the world. Some are based on what type of pilot you want to become, for example the National Agricultural Aviation Association generously provides several scholarships for agricultural pilots, some support diversity in our industry, and some are based on financial need. We put together this spreadsheet of aviation industry scholarships.

Educational scholarships
Millions of dollars are given each year in scholarships from funds across the country to help students fund their education. Educational scholarship parameters have the reputation of being more inclusive of everyone including first-generation college students, underrepresented minorities, low-income family history, military experience and professional organization affiliations. Scholarships.com can help you find scholarships that work for you.


While traditional scholarships and financial aid are great, flight training is unique. Several companies have developed loan programs designed to support flight training costs. These are tailored to our industry, only available to future pilots, and a great option to get the kind of repayment plan that will best benefit you. Pilotfinance.com is one of the organizations that specializes in pilot loans.


All students attending a four-year college or university should complete the FAFSA and apply for financial aid. From the Federal Pell Grant, to subsidized and unsubsidized federal loans and personal loans, there are a lot of ways to finance your education. Collegescholarship.org outlines many of these options specific to aviation.


Future aviators who have served in our Armed Forces can use GI-Bill benefits to pay for flight training, and many schools specialize in supporting VA loans. If your parents served in the military, some unused post-911 GI-Bill benefits are transferable to children and can help pay for flight training. You can also complete your flight training in the military. Aviationschoolsonline.com offers guidance on using military benefits, as well as some additional ideas on how to pay for flight training.

Focus on your future
Stay encouraged – it is possible to achieve your dreams!  If you are a student pilot looking for some additional career guidance and interested in being mentored by ExpressJet’s pilots then consider enrolling in our Airline Pilot Pathway Program (AP3), which offers students at partner schools a guaranteed job at ExpressJet after completing program requirements. It might help convince your parents to keep the payments coming if they know you have a guaranteed job! Additional information on the program can be found at expressjet.com/ap3.

And remember, joining the ExpressJet team gives you the best total compensation over your entire career, which is the best way to pay back your loans. When you are six months from earning your hours complete an application at expressjet.com/apply to set up an interview with ExpressJet for a first officer position.



Updated 3/15: We’re still clarifying program details for internal candidates, but we do have some additional information about how it’ll work for new hire pilots. See updates below!

On Feb. 17, ExpressJet pilots voted in contract extensions that raise first year pay to $37-40/hr. Today, we’re excited to share details of our agreement with United for a Career Pathway Program that facilitates ExpressJet’s ability to offer its United Express pilots a path to United Airlines. Compensation and career progression just got better at ExpressJet.

What is the Career Pathway Program?
ExpressJet’s agreement with United for the Career Pathway Program offers a path to United for qualified ERJ pilots, subject to the full terms and limitations of the Career Pathway Program. This program offers a flight officer position at United, pending successful completion of an interview at United and fulfilling all established criteria and program requirements.

Is this a flow?
Not exactly. For so long as ExpressJet supports United’s operations, United has committed to hiring up to 1 in 4 new hire pilots each year from program participants at ExpressJet based upon those pilots’ meeting or exceeding the established program requirements.

New: How does the program work for a new hire pilot?
To be accepted into the Career Pathway Program, new hire pilots must complete four simple steps:

  1. Interview and be hired by ExpressJet into an eligible pilot position (currently our ERJ fleet)
  2. Complete United’s personality inventory test during training, then after completing ExpressJet’s training interview with United representatives
  3. Fly with the best at ExpressJet until your United slot comes up
  4. Begin your dream job at United

Who is eligible?
All ExpressJet pilots who support, or are qualified to support, our United Express operation, are eligible. Currently, all United Express operations are supported by our ERJ fleet so ExpressJet ERJ pilots are eligible. This program complements our already-strong hiring relationship with United, and we expect to continue to see CRJ pilots hired by United into the future outside of the Career Pathway Program.

How are candidates selected to move to United?
Movement to and employment by United will be in seniority order of those who apply and are eligible for the program, and who remain in the program in good standing with all program requirements for an established period of time. We’re still finalizing details, but expect to have an open enrollment period for existing ERJ pilots.

Why do we have to complete an interview?
Both ExpressJet and United expect pilots to continually develop in their careers, and we believe that knowing you’ll interview for a position encourages self-improvement while still giving our pilots the best career progression opportunities.

Does this impact the JetBlue University and Advanced Gateway Programs?
While ExpressJet pilots will have to choose which program to pursue, the JetBlue Gateways are still available to all eligible team members.

Look for additional details in the coming weeks, and learn more about ExpressJet’s Career Development opportunities at flysmartchoice.com/career.

09-24 ExpressJet Livery-364

One of our guiding principles, ExpressJet is continuously working to improve our company. We strive to beat our last performance metric, to provide the best service, to be the best place to work. The desire to “win” for us isn’t for the industry accolades, but to reaffirm to our team members that their hard work is noticed and valued.

We were a great regional airline before, and today we are even better.

On Feb. 17, ExpressJet pilots voted in extensions to our existing contracts that provide an unmatched total compensation package while retaining the superior work rules that define who we are as an organization. Here are some of the highlights of the new extensions:

  • First year pay rates at $37 (CRJ200/ERJ) and $40 (CRJ700/900)
  • Per diem increased to $1.85 on date of signing and $1.90 on date of signing + 18 months
  • $1.50/hr increase for all pay rates
  • Profit sharing program that guarantees a minimum payout of $1,000 for 2016 and $1,500 for 2017

Additionally, the contract extensions add improvements to our already industry-leading work rules. The new work rules add to schedule flexibility, offer improved compensation practices and clarify contract language. More information on ExpressJet’s contract extensions can be found at flysmartchoice.com.

Flying with the best just got better.

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