When you pin on your ExpressJet wings for the first time, you’re welcomed into an elite team of pilots, recognized and respected in the industry. As a member of our team, you’re privy to industry-leading training, a company that values professional development, and a culture that puts you first.

ExpressJet only hires the best, so when you’re invited to join our team you, your future ExpressJet colleagues, and the major airlines, know instantly that you are a top aviation professional. More ExpressJet pilots are hired by the majors, and that’s no coincidence. From our partnerships with the Big Three – Delta, United and American – to our industry leading safety, training and professional development programs, to our Gateway partnership with JetBlue and reputation as the regional airline most preferred by the majors, a career with ExpressJet sets you up for success.

It starts with the interview
Call us old-fashioned, but we believe in meeting our pilot candidates face-to-face. We take pride in hiring the best aviation professionals, and having our recruiters, who are pilots themselves, meet potential new hires is an important part of that. Some regionals offer a job after only a short phone conversation. You are a professional and you are worth more than a phone interview. We don’t lower our standards and neither should you.

When you’re ready for training, ExpressJet is the best
Our top-of-the-line training is conducted at ExpressJet by our in-house experts who know our equipment, our values and our high standards. Our new pilots are paid for training and provided a private hotel room near our training facilities in Atlanta or Houston. We think it’s essential that you complete training in-person not only because it’s the best way to learn, but because comradery with your new colleagues is important – and they’re your best study partners! We won’t ask you to go at it alone and self-learn at home because this training is the foundation for your entire career, and we want you to succeed.

Pin on those wings
You were selected to join the elite, you’ve completed training and your check ride, and the day has come to pin on your ExpressJet wings and fly the line. You are now part of the most respected group of airline pilots in the industry.

As an ExpressJet pilot, you learn from the best and most experienced professionals. You have the opportunity to grow professionally through the many opportunities we offer our pilots, from mentorship programs to free leadership courses and more. You are in the position to move up to the majors – even as a first officer. You are based in one of our great commutable domiciles, and you fly CRJ or ERJ aircraft for Delta, United or American. You are part of the ExpressJet culture where you are respected, recognized and rewarded. You are a part of the ExpressJet team, and we are honored to have you.

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