United Career Pathway Program

Your future at United begins at Expressjet.

United Airlines and ExpressJet have partnered to offer our pilots a clear path to a Flight Officer position at United through the Career pathway Program.

Here’s how it works:



What is the Career Pathway Program?
ExpressJet’s agreement with United for the Career Pathway Program offers a path to United for qualified ERJ pilots, subject to the full terms and limitations of the Career Pathway Program. This program offers a flight officer position at United, pending successful completion of an interview at United and fulfilling all established criteria and program requirements.

Is this a flow?
Not exactly. For so long as ExpressJet supports United’s operations, United has committed to hiring up to 1 in 4 new hire pilots each year from program participants at ExpressJet based upon those pilots’ meeting or exceeding the established program requirements.

How does the program work for a new hire pilot?
To be accepted into the Career Pathway Program, new hire pilots must complete four simple steps:

  1. Interview and be hired by ExpressJet into an eligible pilot position (currently our ERJ fleet)
  2. Complete United’s personality inventory test during training, then after completing ExpressJet’s training interview with United representatives
  3. Fly with the best at ExpressJet until your United slot comes up
  4. Begin your dream job at United

The process for current pilots is the same, though the timeline will vary.

Who is eligible?
All ExpressJet pilots who support, or are qualified to support, our United Express operation, are eligible. Currently, all United Express operations are supported by our ERJ fleet so ExpressJet ERJ pilots are eligible. This program complements our already-strong hiring relationship with United, and we expect to continue to see CRJ pilots hired by United into the future outside of the Career Pathway Program.

How are candidates selected to move to United?
Movement to and employment by United will be in seniority order of those who apply and are eligible for the program, and who remain in the program in good standing with all program requirements for an established period of time. We’re still finalizing details, but expect to have an open enrollment period for existing ERJ pilots.

Why do we have to complete an interview?
Both ExpressJet and United expect pilots to continually develop in their careers, and we believe that knowing you’ll interview for a position encourages self-improvement while still giving our pilots the best career progression opportunities.

Does this impact the JetBlue University and Advanced Gateway Programs?
While ExpressJet pilots will have to choose which program to pursue, the JetBlue Gateways are still available to all eligible team members.

JetBlue Gateway Programs

Want to Fly Blue? We can get you there fast through the JetBlue Gateway Programs.

JetBlue Airways and ExpressJet have partnered to offer our pilots a dedicated avenue to a first officer position at JetBlue through the University Gateway Program and Advanced Gateway Program.

JetBlue gateway program

JetBlue university gateway FAQs

What is the JetBlue University Gateway?
The JetBlue United Gateway designates a path from select universities, to gaining experience in the flight deck at ExpressJet (and/or Cape Air), then to a career with JetBlue.

How does it work?
The University Gateway is a robust program that starts when you’re a student at our partner universities, and tracks your progress, attitude and aptitude as you move to JetBlue:

  1. Attend a partner university in an eligible program, then apply as early as your sophomore year and be accepted into the University Gateway Program
  2. Complete an internship within the industry (JetBlue, ExpressJet or Cape Air encouraged)
  3. Graduate from your AABI-accredited aeronautical university & serve as a certified flight instructor (CFI) for at least one year
  4. Fly for ExpressJet and/or Cape Air for 2-3 years and 2,500+ hours of flight experience (see Pathway options below)
  5. Complete JetBlue’s first officer interview

What are the Pathway options?
Once you’ve graduated and earned your hours, there are three pathways to choose from. Here are the criteria that must be met for each option before interviewing at JetBlue:

ExpressJet: Serve as a first officer at ExpressJet for at least 3,000 hours and 36 months for at least 4,000 hours total flight time

ExpressJet to Cape Air:  Serve as a first officer at ExpressJet for at least 1,800 hours and 24 months >> Serve as a captain at Cape Air for at least 1,000 hours and 12 months for at least 3,800 hours total flight time

Cape Air to ExpressJet: Serve as a captain at Cape Air for at least 1,000 hours and 18 months >> Serve as a first officer at ExpressJet for at least 1,800 hours and 18 months for at least 3,800 hours total flight time

Cape Air: Serve as a first offer and captain at Cape Air for at least 2,000 hours and 24 months for at least 3,000 total flight hours, plus a jet transition course

What schools participate?
The current partner schools are Auburn University, Bridgewater State University, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona and Prescott campuses), Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Jacksonville University or the University of North Dakota. However, as the program grows we’ll be adding additional schools.

If I didn’t attend one of the partner schools, am I eligible?
While the University Gateway is only open to partner schools, ExpressJet also offers the Advanced Gateway which is open to graduates of any AABI-accredited programs.

What are the eligibility requirements?
Students at participating schools must maintain a 3.0 GPA in their major, serve as a CFI for at least one year, successfully complete 360 reviews throughout their time in the program (tracks progress, attitude and aptitude), complete an aviation internship and complete the JetBlue University Gateway application process.

Where can I learn more?
You can learn more about the University Gateway at pilots.jetblue.com/university, or contact pilotrecruiting@expressjet.com.

JetBlue Advanced Gateway FAQs

What is Advanced Gateway?
The JetBlue Advanced Gateway provides ExpressJet pilots who are committed to joining JetBlue the opportunity to be considered at lower-than-competitive minimums.

This complements both the University Gateway by providing opportunity for pilots who did not attend the partner schools, and our already-strong hiring relationship with JetBlue.

Who is eligible for Advanced Gateway?
ExpressJet pilots must meet these criteria to be eligible for the Advanced Gateway:

  • Completed an accredited aviation degree and flight training at any AABI-accredited school
  • Graduated with a 3.0 GPA in major
  • Served as a CFI, check airman, EPIC Ambassador or other leadership role for at least one year
  • Successfully complete 360 performance reviews
  • Served as a first officer at ExpressJet for at least 48 months continuous employment or 5,000 hours total flight time or meet the current JetBlue competitive minimum requirements at the time of application

Is this my only route to JetBlue?
No. Pilots who wish to join JetBlue but do not meet the Advanced Gateway requirements or wish to apply to multiple mainline carriers will still have equal competitive footing through the regular application channels. Behind United and Delta, JetBlue hires more ExpressJet pilots than any other major airline.

What is the benefit of the Advanced Gateway?
The Advanced Gateway gives pilots committed to JetBlue who meet JetBlue’s requirements a guaranteed interview at lower-than-competitive minimums.

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To learn more about the United Career Pathway Program, contact pilotrecruiting@expressjet.com or complete the form below:

To learn more about the University or Advanced Gateways, contact pilotrecruiting@expressjet.com. If you’re a current ExpressJet pilot, visit xjt.com > Flight Ops > JetBlue Gateway.

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